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youngfreespirit asked:

Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for the follow and please if you want to ask any questions, some requests or you're bored and want to chat with me, feel free to do it! Thanks again love! :) xx

Aww you seem like a super nice person!!!! :) and you’re very welcome! I read some of your preferences and loved them!!!! Thanks so much, I will let you know if I think of any requests lovely! :)

So today I had Solo Ensamble for band.  It was quite boring.  But I was sitting with my friends waiting for the time for me to go into the library to do my Solo.  Then this guy comes over to me and was like:

And I was just there like:

He then started asking me where I was from.  Then he was like, “So what instrument do you play?” And I said, “Percussion, how about you?” And he was like, “Me too! It’s like we have a connection.” I was there like:

I seriously didn’t know what to say because I’m super shy.  I mean:

After awhile he was like, “So you don’t feel the connection?” And I really didn’t know what to say.  I don’t think I meant to make this face but I think my face was like:

And we were both like:

Then he was like:

So that was my amazing day….. And now I’m just stalking One Direction!

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